The Unmumsy Mums

Searching through free downloads for my Kindle prior to travelling, I saw this ebook recommended, with a lot of high quality reviews. So I added it to my collection, and decided to delve into it on a recent coach journey.

Inevitably with free ebooks there are some gems, some mediocre books and some absolute rubbish. As far as I’m concerned ‘The Unmumsy Mums’ is in the latter category. Subtitled, ‘A collection of your hysterical stories from the frontline of parenting’, I was expecting amusing anecdotes from small children; perhaps mistaken words, or misunderstandings - the kinds of things friends regularly post on social media, and which celebrate the innocence of childhood.

Alas, these anecdotes were not funny despite the author’s assertion that they left her howling with laughter. Some are full of innuendoes, some record bad or inappropriate language used by children, some are merely embarrassing - such as the time a child removed an elderly lady’s wig, or the time another child packed a toy gun in a suitcase prior to flying. Others are merely bizarre. I'm not a prude and wasn't really offended by anything in this book, but totally unamused

I read with growing disbelief - surely there would be something which would at least raise a smile? - but I was disappointed. By the end I had a bad taste in my mouth and I wished I hadn’t bothered.

Definitely not recommended.

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