The Little Shop of Happy Ever After (by Jenny Colgan)

I’ve enjoyed the books I’ve read by Jenny Colgan: they’re usually light-weight but with interesting people, and very often with a cookery or baking theme. I was pleased to note a new one on the Bookbag site, available for review, and immediately asked if I could have it.

I loved the introduction. It explains that this is a book for readers who love books, and outlined with light humour the places where the author recommends settling down with a good book. I related strongly to the idea of reading in bed, and forgetting who is whom as I drop off to sleep; this is my usual mode.

The story itself is about Nina, a twenty-something librarian who loses her job. She’s a quiet person, not prone to adventures, who loves to work with books. She admits to a dream of having a travelling book van; then one thing leads to another, and soon Nina finds herself with a van, aiming to drive it down from Scotland to the Midlands.

A nasty incident on a railway crossing nearly causes Nina to lose everything… and she’s thrown into a new lifestyle and location with no idea whether or not her plan will be a success.

It’s a pleasant character-based story, and I found myself relating strongly to Nina at times. Some of the other people are a bit caricatured but that doesn’t matter; it makes it easy to remember who is who, even while reading in bed…

There are some lovely sub-plots. I particularly liked one involving a teenage girl who is neglected and impoverished, but who loves to read. Nina has a gift of discovering the right book for everyone, even the most reluctant of readers, and I like to think it might be possible to do this.

There’s an inevitable romantic thread running through the book too; I wasn’t so keen on this part, since one ‘hero’ turns out to be unsuitable, and I never saw the attraction of the other. The ending was a bit abrupt, too, everything falling rather too neatly into place.

Oh, and - unlike others I have read by this author - there are no recipes at the back.

Nevertheless, this made for an enjoyable few days’ reading, and I appreciated a story about such an unlikely heroine. The writing is good, the conversations mostly realistic, and I think it would make ideal holiday reading for anyone who likes light women’s fiction starring quieter people.

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