Almost Perfect (by Delia Franklin)

Almost Perfect is the debut novel for Delia Franklin, a writer who is active in social networking but does not, as far as I can tell, have a site of her own. It was the delightfully quirky front cover which made me notice it on the Bookbag shelves and request it a couple of weeks ago.

'Almost Perfect' starts well. Gloria is happily surveying her vegetable patch. A tractor approaches and as her employer Will climbs down, his mobile phone alerts him to his granddaughter Lucy being in a serious state in hospital.

The scene is set, with a little info about Will's life and his daughter Holly. It appears to be a light-hearted book as Will sets off for the station in his tractor, still wearing his muddy wellies.

However, the next five chapters are rather long-winded and rambling flashbacks which didn't tell me much more than I had learned in the first chapter. Moreover, the viewpoint switches far too rapidly. Eventually we're back to Lucy but somehow there is no emotional connection.

I kept feeling that there was a lot of potential; unfortunately, although some of the minor characters are typecast and quite likeable, I could not relate to any of the main ones at all. This book is a good idea, a workable plot, a nice mixture of people. However it should have had significant rewriting to bring the characters to life, to organise the structure more logically, and to cut out the unnecessary parts.

I wanted to like this, I really did. It’s gentle women’s fiction (albeit with a couple of dramatic and unpleasant scenes) and the kind of story I usually enjoy. But sadly, it has almost no emotional impact.

Available in Kindle form as well as paperback.

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