Absolute Truths (by Susan Howatch)

'Absolute Truths' is a novel by Susan Howatch, sixth and last in the Starbridge series.

This story is told from the point of view of Charles Ashworth, who is now Bishop of Starbridge, in the 1960s. The battles he has faced in previous books now come to a head, as he is faced with a life-changing crisis. His relationship with his sons is explored, along with his long-time enmity towards the Dean, Neville Asygarth.

Although each of these novels is complete in itself, they are most powerful and thought-provoking when read in the intended order. This one ties together the entire series, mirroring the first one (also narrated by Charles Ashworth) and answering some questions left open in some of the earlier books. There's a truly satisfying ending which slots all the pieces into place.

Compelling reading: very highly recommended!

The first five books in the series are: Glittering Images, Glamorous Powers, Ultimate Prizes, Scandalous Risks, and Mystical Paths.

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