Glittering Images (by Susan Howatch)

'Glittering Images' is a novel by Susan Howatch, the first in the Starbridge series.

This book takes a while to get going, but is an incredibly powerful novel set in the 1930s in the UK.

Charles Ashworth, a young clergman in the Church of England, is sent by the Archbishop of Canterbury to see if a bishop in the fictional town of Starbridge is potentially causing a scandal by his indiscretions. He gets caught up in the strange household he discovers, and various crises start to unravel his own past and personal hangups.

Charles meets Jon Darrow, a psychic high Anglican monk, who becomes his spiritual director. We are taken right into the ministry of psychological healing as Jon helps Charles to re-look at his upbringing and understand his repressed emotions.

Exciting and fast-moving plot with believable people. Amazing - highly recommended!

(See this post for a longer review of the novel, re-read in 2007)

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