Scandalous Risks (by Susan Howatch)

'Scandalous Risks' is a novel by Susan Howatch, fourth in the Starbridge series, which features flawed (but mostly delightful) clergymen in the Anglican Church.

This story is told from the point of view of Venetia, who was introduced as a small girl in the previous book ('Ultimate Prizes'). She falls in love with Neville Asygarth, the Dean, in the 1960s when the Church is coming to terms with the revolutionary new book 'Honest to God', and the ideals of platonic love.

The developing relationship is explored, along with plots and sub-plots involving characters from the previous books, including a noew 83-year-old Jon Darrow.

Can be read alone, but much better following the three previous books in the series. Highly recommended.

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