Glamorous Powers (by Susan Howatch)

Novel by Susan Howatch, second in the Starbridge series.

This is a brilliant psychological novel featuring Jon Darrow, a high Anglican monk who was introduced in the first book of the series, 'Glittering Images'.

Jon receives a vision and believes he is called to leave the monastic life, to follow God's will in the wider world. Although this book is complete in itself, it's much better when read as a sequel, because we see the stunning contrast between the secure, confident Jon who was spiritual director to Charles Ashworth. In this novel, written from Jon's perspective, we realise that he has plenty of insecurities and hangups of his own, which are gradually revealed.

Jon's healing takes place alongside a wide variety of realistic people. Absolutely wonderful. I was almost totally unable to put this book down once I had started. Highly recommended!

(See also: my longer review of Glamorous Powers written in 2007)

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