Miracle in the Mirror (by Mark Butain)

'Miracle in the Mirror' is a fairly short biography written by the late Mark Buntain. It features Nita Edwards, a remarkable lady from Sri Lanka who was seriously injured by a fall when she was a student, and became paralysed. She lost all sense of feeling, and there was little hope for her as the paralysis crept gradually higher and higher in her body. After a year in hospital, she could not move at all and needed a constant care assistant.

Yet she was healed, miraculously. The non-Christian doctors who had attended her refused to accept it, but thousands of people had seen Nita strapped to a wheelchair, with deformed hands and her head uncontrollable, unable even to talk - and then saw her, just a few days later, walking with ease, and talking about what God had done for her.

Skeptics may scoff, and those who believe God does not heal today may be cynical. But there's no reason to doubt this remarkably testimony which was witnessed by so many. Nita Edwards went on to be a tremendous witness for Christ in Asia.

The writing felt a little stilted in places; perhaps it's just because this book was written in the early 1980s, just a few years after the healing, when this was a typical style for biographies.

But the story is so gripping that the style hardly mattered. Even though it was obvious what was coming - even down to the date of the healing, which Nita knew in advance - it was difficult to put this book down by about two-thirds of the way through.

It's not in print any more, but can sometimes be found second-hand. Both the British and American Amazon online stores have copies - see the links at the top and to the right.


Anonymous said...

I would like to suugest that those who interested in the TRUTH of tis story get a copy of the booklet "Miracle at 3.30" from the People's Church in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The truth of this story or the contradictions of the two versions aren't pleasent to those who have been taken in by the 'story'

Anonymous said...

Ask Nita Edwards and or Colton Wickramaratne the nanes of the other 7 faces Colton alleges to have seen in his vision and how these persons in the 'vision' "have been instrunmenal in a revivial in Asia". Not one of them can give the names of the of the others in the so-called vision. Also find out why Colton and Nita now don't talk to each other.

Anonymous said...

Pas Colton Wickramaratna has new book called "My Adventure in Faith" which is also a hwole lot of fabrication. In his version, he doesn't even mention Nita Edwards. If this story is true, why has he omited her now, but not in Mirracle at 3:30. Nita & Colton are charlatans