The Chalet School and Barbara (by Elinor M Brent-Dyer)

Elinor M Brent-Dyer wrote nearly sixty fictional books for teenage girls about the Chalet School, which started out in Austria in the 1930s, and moved to various other countries due to the war.

They're pleasant books, with good characterisation, and I enjoy reading them when I want a break from more serious books - or on holiday.

The Chalet School and Barbara is about a girl called (not surprisingly) Barbara. She used to be an invalid - as was common in those days - but now the Chalet School has returned to Switzerland, not far from its original home. Barbara is fourteen, and very excited to be allowed to go to boarding school at last.

There's not a lot of plot in this story, but a bit more human interest than in many of the later books of the series. Pleasant light reading.

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