The Nonesuch (by Georgette Heyer)

Every so often I re-read one of Georgette Heyer's wonderful historical novels. I enjoy them afresh every time.

Sir Waldo inherits a run-down house, and moves there with his young cousin Julian to supervise alterations, as he is planning to turn it into an orphanage. He meets Ancilla Trent, a governess, and the susceptible Julian falls for Ancilla's spoilt young companion Tiffany.

Delightful, well-rounded characters, amusing misunderstandings, and an excellent conclusion although perhaps a little slow-moving in places. See 'Flirtations and Philanthropy' for my longer review at the Ciao site, or my longer review of 'The Nonesuch' on this site, written six years later on re-reading yet again.

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