The Indwelling (by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins)

We were in two minds about the ever-increasing series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, which is a fictional version of one view of the Biblical idea of the 'tribulation'. The first book in the series, 'Left Behind' was very good. Subsequent ones were also good, although the longer they went on, the more it felt as if the characters were very flat, and the plots rather contrived and too full of preaching.

Still, we thought we'd try one more, as it was on special offer at Amazon UK, particularly as the sixth book, 'Assassins', ended with something of a cliffhanger...

'The Indwelling' is the seventh book in the series, subtitled 'The beast takes possession'. I thought it as exciting as ever, although the plot moves forward remarkably slowly. Nicolae Carpathia, now identified as the antichrist, lies in state while the leaders try to pin the blame for his death on other people.

Meanwhile, the small band of Christians need to find a new safe house... and I wished I could feel some empathy for them. But their characters remained remarkably two-dimensional.

When the murderer was revealed, it was no surprise at all... and when Nicolae rose from the dead, that too was pretty predictable.

This is best read after at least one or two of the others, as the action is fast (even though nothing much happens) and there are a vast cast of people, most of whom are hard enough to recall even having read the others.

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