Assassins (by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins)

Yes, yet another in the epic 'Left Behind' series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. This book is the sixth in the series. The title 'Assassins' should have been enough to put me off - I would never, normally, read a book with that name. But I'd read five of the books, and wondered if they might start to get better...

But no. The story is still feeling very drawn out and long-winded. This book works towards the mid-way mark of the seven-year period of tribulation after the rapture. The 'witnesses' die, and Nicolae, recognised as the antichrist, is assassinated... but by whom? We're supposed to be left guessing, but it was so obvious that I thought I must be wrong.

It's fast-paced, with a lot of preaching thrown in. Still not much happens in real terms, however. I suppose the cliff-hanger (who killed Nicolae?) is left at the end to try and persuade people to buy the seventh book.

Not really recommended.

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