Winning Through (by Marcia Willett)

I do like Marcia Willett's books. They're warm and gentle, and if the characterisation isn't as brilliant as that of Rosamunde Pilcher, it's not far off. I particularly like the Chadwick trilogy, which began with 'Looking Forward', introducing an orphaned family and their lovely grandmother Freddy, and continued with 'Holding On'.

'Winning Through' is the final story in the series, one I had been hoping to get hold of for some time. It's a beautifully written and emotive book which sees tragedy and delight interwoven cleverly with the charming characters, matured by recognisable from earlier volumes.

The future of The Keep (the family home) is at stake in this story, particularly when another elderly relative dies. The resolution at the end is not unexpected, but charmingly written.

Definitely recommended - it could stand alone, but is much better after the first two in the series.

(You can read a much longer review of 'Winning Through' which I wrote in 2008 after re-reading the book)

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