Mary-Lou of the Chalet School

This is the last book I decided to read in my current run-through of Elinor M Brent-Dyer's 'Chalet School' series.

'Mary-Lou of the Chalet School' features, not surprisingly, Mary-Lou, the delightful girl who was first introduced in 'Three Go to the Chalet School'. Mary-Lou is one of the strongest and most interesting characters in the series, in my view, and this book is one of the more interesting.

In this book, Mary-Lou is in the senior part of the school for the first time, and arrives back late due to a family problem, only to discover a new girl who has a very bad temper, and refuses to be friendly with anyone. Mary-Lou is quite a leader, and has several special friends, but she's also outgoing and caring, and can't bear to see anyone left out, so she determines to do something about it.

Later in the book, an accident happens that changes several people's lives. It's a good book with some very moving sections, definitely one of the better ones in the series.

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