Earthly Possessions

Charlotte, who narrates this story, is about to leave her husband. As she waits in line at the bank to withdraw some cash, she gets caught up in an armed bank raid and is then taken hostage by the robber, whose name is Jake.

In typical Anne Tyler style, Charlotte and Jake then spend the rest of the book driving to Florida. Alternating chapters tell us what's happening, and snippets from Charlotte's past, right back to her childhood. Through their conversations, actions and the flashbacks we learn a surprising amount about both of them, and eventually discover the reason why Jake was attempting to rob the bank.

This author always provides wonderful observations and pithy comments in her book, making them very enjoyable to read at the time, although I don't find that the stories tend to stick with me very long. The people, particularly the minor characters, are rather caricatured but in the slightly surreal setting of the book that doesn't matter much. I found myself engrossed as I read, and only disappointed that the ending seemed to happen rather too suddenly.

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