Continental Drift (by Libby Purves)

Having discovered a new author whom I enjoy, I'm inclined to read my way through all their books and collect most of them. So as I recently discovered Libby Purves, as a novelist (she is better known as a journalist) I'm gradually acquiring her books.

'Continental Drift' features Philip, a middle-aged ex-MP, who is rather staid and unadventurous. His wife, Diana, works for the local radio station. She becomes friendly with the Rastafarian presenter, Henry, who is a single father.

Meanwhile in Poland (yes, this bit confused me slightly too!) the twenty-two-year-old Eva embarks on a backpacking trek across Europe, with the hope of visiting Manda - who is Philip and Diana's daughter.

This novel takes a while to get started, since each set of characters is introduced in context. It's not as hard-hitting (or shocking) as some of Libby Purves' other novels - but I enjoyed it once I felt I knew what was going on. Certainly it was well-written and very readable.

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