Cross Stitch

Oh wow.

What a book!

I have emerged from the most amazing experience I've had in a long time. I picked this book - Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon - up second-hand after reading a recommendation somewhere... and when I finally started reading it, over two weeks ago now, I was almost instantly hooked. At first I tried reading just a couple of chapters each night before going to sleep, but by the end I could barely put it down. And it's a LONG book!

It isn't anything to do with embroidery, however!

Clare and Frank are on holiday in Scotland when Clare finds herself suddenly caught up in a stone circle, and transported 200 years back in time, to the middle of the Jacobite rebellion. There she meets - amonst others - the tall and gorgeous Jamie Fraser. A passionate romance unfolds alongside violence and danger, suspicion and imprisonment.

Clare narrates the book, to it's fairly obvious that she's going to survive, but it's still very tense in places, although it just avoids the kind of frightening suspense that would keep me awake at night. Some humour lightens the mood at times, and as another break in the fast action there are some extremely passionate love scenes which just manage to stay the right side of erotica. Indeed, the violence of the war and punishments described manage to avoid being totally sickening.

All in all, this is not at all my kind of book, but I loved it!

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