Witches Abroad (by Terry Pratchett)

I can go for months without reading a Terry Pratchett book, then I feel the urge for some slightly bizarre thought-provoking satire... and what better than to read another episode of the Discworld?!

In 'Witches Abroad', an old witch dies and passes her wand to Magrat, with the rather vague instructions that her goddaughter in faraway Genua must NOT marry the Prince.

So Magrat, Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax, who were properly introduced as a Discworld style 'coven' in the excellent 'Wyrd Sisters', get caught up in what turns out to be a very amusing story, one of my favourites as it's full of clever one-liners.

The book follows the trio as they travel abroad, amidst many mishaps and confusions. Nanny's attempts at 'talking foreign' are very funny, appreciated all the more by anyone who has at least a glimmer of understanding of European languages.

There's a deeper side to the book too, mixed up with well-known fairy-tales, looking at the 'reality' behind them. It also examines, in Discworld style, some of the myths, legends and superstitions that people still sometimes believe in.

Stands alone - as all these books do - or can be read in sequence. Highly recommended to anyone with a strange sense of humour...

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