Shepherds Abiding (by Jan Karon)

Jan Karon is a very gentle writer, whose books I find relaxing and enjoyable. She writes about the fictional town of Mitford, in the USA, and the delightful clergyman Father Tim.

'Shepherds Abiding' is a pleasant book for anyone who has read and liked the other Mitford books, but doesn't really stand well alone. It's very much a sequel, even a Christmas special, continuing the many subplots and day-to-day lives of the various residents of the village.

This book focuses on Father Tim discovering a new talent, which he is thrilled by, as he slowly restores a tatty old set of nativity figures. He is doing this as a surprise Christmas present for his wife Cynthia.

The book is gentle and enjoyable, without any great excitement. I do occasionally find the dialect of some of the villagers a bit difficult to read, but it's not a huge problem.

Only really recommended if you're already a Mitford fan - in which case this makes a pleasant addition to your bookshelves.

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