Return to Drumveyn (by Alexandra Raife)

'Return to Drumveyn' is a modern novel by Alexandra Raife.

Cristi has lived in Scotland since she was nine, and is finishing her degree in Edinburgh when she receives some startling news: her grandfather in Brazil has died, and has left her a large ranch and a huge sum of money. Although she hates to leave her adopted family, she decides to fly out to meet her unknown relatives and see the ranch. There she's caught up in a web of intrigue, and begins to fall in love. She has to make major decisions about what to do with her future as the book alternates between the gentle farm in Scotland and the exciting high life in Brazil.

There's a good understanding of the problems of dual nationality, and culture shock related to class as well as to country. I thought the book was well-written, mildly exciting in places, and with some moving sections. Perhaps there were too many minor characters from previous novels by this author, which might be confusing to someone who had not read any of them, but overall I enjoyed it.

I wrote a longer review with a tongue-in-cheek title, 'Aga Saga Meets Mills and Boon' on the Ciao site.

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