Stress Family Robinson (by Adrian Plass)

Light fictional novel by Adrian Plass.

This is the story of the disorganised Robinsons, told by their fifty-year-old friend Dip. She cares deeply for the Robinsons, and is an honourary part of the family. I found the book a little dull at first, as Dip gives straightforward descriptions of each family member, but it's a lovely book overall with humour and sadness, and a clear picture of an 'ordinary' Christian family (albeit somewhat caricatured) who would really like to be better people.

It's not in the sameleague as Plass's 'Sacred Diary' books, but still an enjoyable light read.

My longer review of this book is called 'Dip into Family Life', and you can also read my latest review of 'Stress Family Robinson' on this blog, after re-reading in 2010.

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