Bread Alone (by Judith Ryan Hendricks)

An unusual novel by Judi Hendricks, also known as Judith Ryan Hendricks.

I found this an enjoyable book, although I didn't expect to! Someone gave it to me, and my first impression was that it was in the 'chick-lit' category. However, I thought it might while away a few hours. It's written entirely in the present tense, something which still tends to disturb me although I know it's increasingly popular as a style; in this book, somehow, it works.

The story is about Wyn, whose husband wants them to separate. This makes her whole world rock on its foundations. She goes to stay with her best friend for a while, and gradually gets drawn into life in another city, living on her own and baking bread (which she does to relax).

The book is punctuated by delightful explanations of bread-making techniques learned in France, and even some excellent sounding recipes. Somehow the flow is not interrupted, unlikely though it sounds, and it was quite thought-provoking in places. I found the characters very believable, and the ending was satisfying.


See 'Recovery, Romance and Recipes' for a longer review.

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