Charity Girl (by Georgette Heyer)

I'm so glad that Georgette Heyer wrote such a large number of historical romance books! I own most of them, and enjoy them all when I want to relax, or curl up in a corner, or just when I want a good read. So I re-read them all periodically, about once every six or seven years.

The last few days it's been the turn of 'Charity Girl', one of my all-time favourites.

Viscount Desford happens to see Cherry, the young ward of the rather arrogant Lady Bugle. He feels sorry for her, and befriends her.

Before long, Desford is involved in a chase around the country searching for Cherry's grandfather, and has managed to involved his old friend Hetta, and her mother, who are looking after Cherry.

Fast-moving, with humour and plenty of action, and delightful characters, with the usual cleverly written and satisfying conclusion that I tend to expect of Georgette Heyer.

Highly recommended. Still in print in both UK and USA.

(You can also read my slightly longer review of Charity Girl, written on re-reading in 2010)

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