Three go to the Chalet School (by Elinor M Brent-Dyer)

While some of Elinor M Brent-Dyer's 'Chalet School' books are samey school stories (written, I suppose, at the insistence of her publisher), some of them stand out above the rest as lovely character-driven stories, often quite moving.

'Three go to the Chalet School' primarily features Mary-Lou, who becomes an important character in later books. Mary-Lou is a delightful, outspoken and friendly little girl who meets the enormous Maynard family (who are neighbours) and is delighted to be able to join the Chalet School. There, she meets the strange and very reserved Verity-Anne, who is also new and an unlikely friendship is formed.

To Mary-Lou's surprise, an old friend of hers is also sent to the school a little later in the term, which causes her some new problems.

One of the more enjoyable and moving books in the series.

(You can also read my longer review of 'Three Go to the Chalet School' after acquiring the 'Girls Gone By' full edition and re-reading in 2011)

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