A Sensible Life (by Mary Wesley)

I'm not sure why I keep picking up novels by Mary Wesley. Probably because the covers do look appealing, and I know she was a good writer. But I always find I have mixed feelings about her books, which tend to contain more bad language than I'm comfortable with, and have rather darkly bizarre characters at times.

'A Sensible Life' opens with little Flora, whose parents neglect her. She makes friends with holiday-makers, and finds herself falling in love with three different boys.

When she is old enough to join her parents in India, after several tedious years of boarding school, she sets out - but then changes her mind. One at a time she meets her past acquaintances, and learns about lfie before - in rather an odd coincidence - she finds, again, the one who will bring her lasting happiness.

A pleasant novel, on the whole, with a reassuring conclusion.

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