Victoria Line, Central Line (by Maeve Binchy)

I like Maeve Binchy's novels, particularly her later ones, although I'm a little less certain about her short stories. They have nice characterisation, but sometimes tend to leave the endings open, whereas I prefer short stories to have a clear resolution.

'Victoria Line, Central Line' is a collection of short stories which are cleverly written with realistic characters, often facing unusual situations. I found that some of them seemed to end rather too abruptly, leaving me wondering what would happen. However that's what I expect, now, with Maeve Binchy's short stories, so I was pleased to find that on the whole they were enjoyable and thought-provoking. I realised, after I'd started, that I had read them previously and remembered parts of the plot - this didn't spoil them at all, and probably made them all the more interesting.

Good reading for a holiday, as none of the stories are particularly long.

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