Scarlet Feather (by Maeve Binchy)

I do like Maeve Binchy's books. They're warm, and relaxing, and I find the later ones even more enjoyable than her earlier works.

'Scarlet Feather' is set, as are most of this author's work, in Ireland. Cathy Scarlett and Tom Feather are building a good reputation as a catering company in Dublin. They are close friends in a platonic way, each of them being involved in a different relationship romantically. Tom's girlfriend struggles to be a model, Cathy's husband is a high-flying lawyer.

We see the world through many of their friends, including some delightful - and rather neglected - young twins. Emotions run high and the catering company is almost destroyed; but Tom and Cathy rediscover what's important to them, and the book ends with a hopeful and reassuring conclusion.

The characterisation may not be quite as brilliant as that of Rosamunde Pilcher, but this was a very readable and moving book which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Highly recommended.

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