Piercing the Darkness (by Frank Peretti)

Frank Peretti is an American Christian author whose work is a little different from most. It's dark, sometimes too dark for my tastes, and there's a great deal of suspense.

In 'Piercing the Darkness', a Christian school goes to court, accused of abuse; meanwhile, a likeable pastor is undermined and losing confidence. A reporter sees connections, and an evil plot is uncovered.

This novel is actually a sequel to Peretti's first book, 'This Present Darkness', and although it stands alone it's probably easier to understand if read afterwards. As with the first novel, angels and demons are portrayed as realistic beings, with a spiritual battle taking place alongside the earthly ones.

There is high tension and much drama before the evil forces are bound - for a while - again.

Definitely recommended.

(If this isn't long enough, I wrote a longer review of 'Piercing the Darkness' when I re-read the book five years later)

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