Apollyon (by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins)

Yes, I did get a bit stuck in a rut. We bought several of these 'Left Behind' books very cheaply from the Doulos when it visited our town, and since we had them I thought I might as well read them. The first book, 'Left Behind' was powerful and exciting. Since then, they started to go downhill as the authors stretched the series into twelve books. Six would have been plenty.

'Apollyon' is the fifth in the series, subtitled: 'The Destroyer is Unleashed'. In this book Ray, one of the Tribulation Force (a small number of Christians) tries to find out what happened to his wife in one of the previous books. The Tribulation Force also decide to go to Jerusalem for a great meeting. Plagues of beasts led by Apollyon torment the people who remain.

Rather gruesome in places, lots of fast action, no characterisation to speak of, and not terribly well written. Not really recommended.

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