Soul Harvest (by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins)

So, Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins found a good idea for a series, which started with 'Left Behind'. 'Soul Harvest' is the fourth book in what ended up as a 12-volume epic.. considerably longer than it actually needed to be.

The overall plot is that the rapture has happened, and the world is in the midst of tribulations. A small number of people have become Christians since the rapture, and are having to be careful about what they do and who they talk to. They call themselves the Tribulation Force.

In this book, more disasters happen, including a world-wide earthquake that kills millions of people and ends all hope of a return to normal life. The Tribulation Force continue to support each other, and believers have a new way of recognising each other instantly.

It wasn't as good as the earlier books. It was beginning to feel dragged out, and predictable. The pace is fast, but the writing isn't that great - it's full of slang and stilted conversation, and despite being the fourth book in a series, there's no characterisation to speak of. I read because I was somewhat interested to know how the authors would move the story forward, but didn't care in the slightest about any of the people.

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