One Way to Write your Novel (by Dick Perry)

I always enjoy reading books about writing, though I don't know if I shall ever get around to writing a novel myself. I found this book by Dick Perry amongst my father's collection, and thought it extremely good, although sadly it seems to be out of print now.

There are many excellent suggestions for writing novels, in this book, most of which the author somehow follows in his non-fiction book! He writes about planning, creating characters, plotting, writing and editing. It's all written from a somewhat clinical and highly organised routine, which pushes writers from the 'might write a novel one day' group into the much smaller subset of writers who actually send off manuscripts with a fair chance of acceptance.

Not that I took his advice, but maybe one day...

Highly recommended to anyone with even a slight interest in writing.

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Dawn Ireland said...

Hi Sue - just a note to tell you that I met Dick Perry a couple of decades ago. I was in the midst of writing my first sci-fi novel and was using his book (One Way to Write Your Novel) as my guide. I wrote a letter to him via the publisher and he called me. We had many phone conversations and he helped me tremendously. I arranged for him to be a speaker at the now defunct SW Writers Conference in Houston, TX. We loved him. He passed away several years later, but I feel blessed for knowing him.

Dawn Ireland