Thea's Parrot (by Marcia Willett)

'Thea's Parrot' is a modern novel by Marcia Willett, who is growing to be one of my favourite authors.

George falls in love with Thea, frustrating the hopes of his long-term mistress Felicity. Thea inherits a parrot who inspires her to become more independent, and makes friends including various people who appear in other novels by this author.

Good character studies and clever plotting with a satisfying conclusion after a tragic - but not unexpected - climax.

Can easily be read as a book on its own, although it perhaps makes more sense if at least the previous book by this author has also been read, since she tends to use the same minor characters.

You can read my longer review of 'Thea's Parrot' when I re-read it in 2008

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