September (by Rosamunde Pilcher)

'September' is a warm family novel by Rosamunde Pilcher.

I suppose this shouldn't really be called a saga, as the entire novel takes place over just a few months, when a coming-of-age ball is planned in a small Scottish village. But it's a long book, and with a great deal of delving into the past, it feels very much like a saga.

The book revolves around the various families as they look forward to the ball, and we are given marvellous insights into relationships, both old and new. Plots and sub-plots are superbly woven together; conversation sparkles, and even the shocking climax is dealt with sensitively, coming - as it does - directly after a sigh of relief at a potential disaster which ended happily.

Excellent stuff.

This is the second time I've read this, and I enjoyed it all the more this time while remembering the outline of the plot. Highly recommended.

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