Deodorant Christianity (by JW Boggs)

I like to browse the Christian section of Kindle books and will download almost anything that’s free, if it looks interesting. ‘Deodorant Christianity’ had good ratings, and the title intrigued me; moreover, it was on special offer free a few months ago. I had never heard of JW Boggs, and can find nothing about him online, although it's evident from this book that he lives in the United States.

The author talks in his introduction about how most people apply deodorant to cover up the smell of their sweat, which is different in purpose from anti-perspirant, that actually stops the sweat from forming. He makes the analogy that too many Christians try to cover up their inner selves with a pleasant mask rather than tackling the root of the problem. Which is undoubtedly true, although I felt it was a bit of a dubious analogy, since sweat is a natural, healthy process and anti-perspirants are not generally recommended!

I started reading it in mid-June and liked the style, although it was a tad long-winded at first. Despite the strange analogy, the content is good, looking at different ways in which followers of Jesus can be selfish and unloving. The writing is fairly light-hearted with some anecdotes from the author’s experience, and there are several Scripture quotations, relevant to the theme.

The final chapter looks at the ‘fruits of the Spirit’ and unpacks the concepts a little to fit in with the idea of inner health.

Nothing radical or new, and I had to remind myself to keep reading... but overall it was interesting, and a book which I would recommend in a low-key way to Christian teens or indeed new believers of any age.

No longer free for the Kindle, but relatively inexpensive. Not available, as far as I can tell, in any other format.

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