My Years with Corrie (by Ellen de Kroon Stamps)

I hadn't heard of Ellen de Kroon Stamps when I saw this book on a second-hand Christian bookstall, but Corrie ten Boom is well-known for her part in World War II in Holland, and autobiography 'The Hiding Place' which was later made into a film.

'My Years with Corrie' are written from the perspective of Ellen, who was her personal assistant and secretary for ten years. It opens and closes with Ellen's next stage in life - her marriage to Bob Stamps, and the birth of their first child, Peter John. But the majority of the book charts the ten years when Ellen 'tramped' the world - mostly in aeroplanes - with Corrie ten Boom, to talks and conferences and presentations.

It's not written chronologically; perhaps that would have been impossible, although the earlier chapters tell the story of how Ellen, a trained nurse, came to take on a job for which she had no qualifications whatsoever. But the book is about her journey as a Christian, as much as her journey with Corrie - how she learns to overcome some of her worries and fears.

It's not the greatest writing, but I found the anecdotes interesting; it's very honest with the author's difficulties in trusting God, and how she gradually learns to trust him for money, for direction, and at last accepts that she might be called to the single life - just in time for her to meet the man she would eventually marry.

I read this over a week, a few chapters a day. Recommended in a low-key sort of way to anyone intrigued to know more about the amazing - and very human - Corrie ten Boom. Now out of print in both UK and USA, but sometimes available second-hand.

Review copyright Sue's Book Reviews, June 2008


Anna said...

Awesome Review. Looks like a good read :)

Unknown said...

I would be happy to hear from somebody where I can buy this book in a second hand shop.Here in Netherland I can't find it.
So when you know the way: please tell me

Anonymous said...

I was fortunate to meet Ellen when I was 14 years old - I'm now 43 whilst she was visiting Chadwell Heath in England. I'd had a nasty accident - I was messing around and put my arm through the vicars glass door which in a way I'm glad I did as she accompanied me with the vicar to the hospital where I spent several hours and 92 stitches later was as right as rain.
To my surprise Ellen sent me copy of her book with a personal message and I still have it today as she was such an inspiration to me. It's rather battered now but it shows how many times it has been read and thumbed through.
She is a wonderful lady and the book is worth reading !!! Grab a copy!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have also read this book and am feeling that I need to speak with her, that the Lord is directing me to contact her. Does anyone know her email address? Serious inquiries and comments only please.
Thank you.