The Practice of Godliness (by Jerry Bridges)

I'm not quite sure what made me start re-reading this book; it doesn't look particularly inspiring, and I don't really know anything about Jerry Bridges. I'd forgotten, too, that I'd ever read it before.

I was surprised to find that it was only in 2008, under three years ago, when I first read 'The Practice of Godliness'. I was even more surprised when I checked the copyright date, and discovered that the book was written as recently as 1983. It feels like something written in about the 1940s by style; it's somewhat stilted without much humour and few personal anecdotes.

Nonetheless, it's a book with an excellent message; perhaps one I needed to read again. It talks about what it means to be godly; not in the sense of being pious or religious, but being devoted to God, and also aiming to take on more godly characteristics. The latter include the so-called 'fruits of the Spirit' (such as love, joy, peace, and so on) and also some of the attributes of God.

The author continually aims to find a balance between regeneration as a result of the Holy Spirit and the need to be open and willing to change. Grace and works co-operating to help us mature. There's much to challenge any Christian, and plenty to ponder.

Recommended. Still in print on both sides of the Atlantic.

Review copyright Sue's Book Reviews, 8th April 2011

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