Daughters of Joy (by Kathleen Morgan)

I'd never heard of Kathleen Morgan. But this book was recommended to me for my Kindle, based on what I'd already downloaded. So as it was free, I decided to try it.. while well aware that it was the first of a series of three or four books ('Brides of Culdee Creek') and that it was probably free in the hope that I would like it enough to want to buy the others.

The story is set at the end of the 19th century in Colorado in the USA. It features a young and rather determined woman called Abigail. Twice bereaved in recent years - she lost both her husband and her son - she is determined to find work, despite the misgivings of her sister-in-law, and takes on a housekeeping job for a rancher with an angry young daughter.

The rancher is known to be something of a womaniser, and is abrupt, at best, in his manner. His daughter Beth has managed to get rid of several other housekeepers; she's aggressive, but hurting deeply inside after losing her mother.

I thought the book was well-written, and soon forgot I was reading on my Kindle. The story flowed well, and while the overall plot was somewhat predictable, there were some surprises too. Most importantly, I found I could relate well to the main characters and found Abigail an interesting person. The emphasis is clearly Christian but without too much preaching, and some parts of the book are quite moving.

Recommended... and while I did go to Amazon to check prices of the other volumes in the series, I didn't feel inspired to buy them, when there are still plenty of free classics to read. But perhaps one day I will.

The US Amazon link is to an edition published in book format, but in the UK this only seems to be available for the Kindle.

Review copyright Sue's Book Reviews, 9th April 2011

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