When Roosters Crow (by Lori Salierno)

Lori Salierno is a Christian speaker in the USA. I hadn't heard of her, and am not entirely sure how this book found its way to our bookshelves. I think I may have read it before, although I'm not entirely sure when since it was only published in 1997, and I've been reviewing everything I read since 1999.

'When Roosters Crow' is about Christian accountability. It's supposedly a fresh approach to a somewhat controversial subject, but although it was quite readable and interesting, I didn't really find anything new in it at all. It's not that it's out of date - at only fourteen years old,

Still, the writing is interesting, fairly light-hearted in style with some personal anecdotes and experiences, and the advice mostly sound. Christian accountability is primarily to God - the point is made at the beginning, and sets the scope of the book.

The author talks about an 'accountability group' which she set up for her ministry, but acknowledges that it's not something that suits everyone. She gives examples showing how easy it can be for high-profile leaders to go astray, and shows where her close group has, at times, helped her keep on track.

The book is really intended for those in leadership within the Church, but I found it fairly relevant, although by the end I was skimming quite a bit. I'm not sure who I'd recommend it to - but for anyone wanting to know what Christian accountability means, and who might be open to new ideas, it's not a bad book.

No longer in print, but available inexpensively second-hand.

Review copyright Sue's Book Reviews, 28th February 2011

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