Sheet Music (by Kevin Leman)

I first came across Kevin Leman's books about eighteen years ago, when discussing parenting theories with friends. I borrowed his 'Birth Order Book' from the library, and found it interesting, although some of it didn't tie in at all with my own experience and observations. I also borrowed - and later bought - 'Making Children Mind without Losing Yours', which is perhaps his best-known volume on the topic of parenting. I thought some of the theories good, but rather too unyielding.

As my sons grew up and left home, I didn't expect to read any more of Leman's books, not realising that he had also written on other topics. So I was quite surprised when I saw this volume listed as one of the best-selling free Christian books available for the Kindle. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from 'Sheet Music', but am always willing to try free downloads, particularly when written by an author I have read and liked in the past.

This book is on the subject of Christian marriage, and intimacy. It's clearly written from a Christian perspective, encouraging - and explaining the rationale behind - celibacy outside of marriage, and monogamy within. I agree with this perspective personally, but in the 21st century many don't; those who disagree would probably find the repeated emphasis rather irritating. I basically skimmed those sections myself as they were somewhat repetitive.

The main part of the book is rather more explicit than most books about Christian marriage, even including a couple of anatomical diagrams. It was quite eye-opening in places, and thought-provoking too.

The importance of love and respect are clearly stated, and the author demonstrates a good understanding of some of the innate differences between men and women, while acknowledging that each individual - and each marriage - is unique.

Recommended, to any married couples, particularly Christians, who are fairly open-minded and not easily shocked by frank descriptions. Links are to print editions of this book, although it's still available on Kindle (but no longer free).

Review copyright Sue's Book Reviews, 28th February 2011

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I liked your review! I had a slightly different perspective and I'd love to share it with you: http://cjmtherapy.com/blog/114-review-of-sheet-music-by-kevin-leman