Lucas out loud (by Jeff Lucas)

I was browsing through a friend's bookshelves when I came across a couple of books by Jeff Lucas, a writer I had not heard of. I can't say the covers were particularly appealing, but my friend said that they were well worth reading, not at all heavy, and that I would definitely appreciate them.

She was right.

'Lucas out loud' consists of short articles, commentaries on life, God and the church. Covering subjects as diverse as electronic gadgets, hugging, and grumpiness, they are well-written, pithy, often heart-warming, frequently thought-provoking. I read just one or two each day over a couple of weeks, so as to give me a chance to think about what I'd read.

Although the author lives in the USA - he is a teaching pastor in Colorado - he comes from the UK and writes with a distinctly British flavour; he uses irony and understatement to great effect.

The perspective is clearly Christian, but from a thinking, non-traditional point of view which I found refreshing and, at times, inspiring. The writing is excellent, and I look forward to reading more by Jeff Lucas in future.

Highly recommended. Christians from all backgrounds would probably find something in this - even if they disagreed with some of his theology - and those who are not Christians might find new ways of looking at the church, and unexpected ways of seeing God.

Review copyright Sue's Book Reviews, 10th July 2010

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