Doing What Comes Supernaturally (by Peter Lawrence)

It's many years since we bought two of the best-known books by the late. Indeed, until I searched for a website about him (no longer available to the public), I had no idea that he died last year. I re-read his excellent book 'The Hot Line' nearly four years ago and planned to re-read the other book well before now.

I had not realised, however, that it had taken me that long to pick up 'Doing what comes supernaturally' again. I started it towards the end of March, but didn't take it on our trip to the UK. I resumed reading it on our return nearly two weeks ago, and have been reading perhaps ten pages or so each day.

The subtitle is 'Learning to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit': that's what the book is about, in a nutshell. It combines anecdotes from the author's experience of learning to minister in this way, wise advice which he gathered over the years, and Biblical principles.

As one who tends to be unsure about anything new or unexplained, I found this book - as I did the first time - reassuring. It's not preachy or pushy in any way. The author was an Anglican minister, and believed in the importance of structure and calm while at the same time allowing God to do whatever he wishes.

Recommended to anyone interested in this topic. It's long out of print, but is the kind of book that often shows up on church bookshelves, or in the 'religion' section of charity shops.

Review copyright Sue's Book Reviews, 10th May 2010

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