The Hot Line (by Peter H Lawrence)

'The Hot Line' was published in 1990 by Peter H Lawrence, who was at the time the minister of the Anglican church ChristChurch, Burney Lane in Birmingham (UK).

The book charts Peter's learning, and his experiences as he begins to learn about and take part in ministry of the charismatic gifts. He writes in a fairly informal way, clearly explaining his thought processes, and using frequent references to Scripture. Not 'proof-texting', but in a clear and structured way. He was clearly concerned to ensure that he did nothing out of line with the Bible.

It works well because it's mainly written chronologically, beginning with the author's first inklings that there is something more to the Christian life than he was aware of. There are many anecdotes, by permission of those involved, which illustrate the points well. He includes several when he made mistakes, or misunderstood, or even when he became a little arrogant. These make the book all the more readable and encouraging - this is no super-saint, highly experienced and successful. On the contrary, it's the story of an ordinary, likeable man who was open to learning more of what God wanted to give him and his church.

I first read this many years ago but it's well worth re-reading.

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