Gemma Alone (by Noel Streatfeild)

'Gemma Alone' is the third in Noel Streatfeild's excellent 'Gemma' series (the first two are 'Gemma', and 'Gemma and Sisters'). Gemma is the daughter of a famous American actress, sent to live with her English cousins for a few years. Gemma is also a skilled actress, and her cousins are also talented (as is the tendency with this author!). Ann, who is about Gemma's age, is quite academic and also has an excellent singing voice. Lydia is a dedicated classical ballet dancer, and Robin is a musician.

In this book, Gemma starts attending a drama school, and Lydia takes up a ballet scholarship. It's a likeable, believable book about the trials and joys of the Robinson family, as each person grows and gains in confidence.

Recommended for children (mainly girls) and teenagers, as well as adults who want something light and enjoyable for a peaceful afternoon!

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