Broken Windows, Broken Lives (by Adrian Plass)

Adrian Plass is one of my top favourite Christian authors. Probably my favourite of all British living ones. He writes so well, on a variety of subjects, combining very moving moments with gentle humour (or laugh-aloud humour in the case of his 'Sacred Diary' books).

This particular book, 'Broken Windows, Broken Lives', is one of the most moving, featuring a young man who applies to work at a home for disturbed children. He has no idea what he's letting himself in for, but is a caring and honest person - albeit rather too sure of himself and convinced he will be a great success. Of course life turns out to be very different from what he imagined, and the boys much harder to deal with than he expected. Nevertheless he slowly gets to know them, and builds trust, and learns a lot about himself in the process.

I've read this at least twice before but found it impossible to put down once I'd started it again. Highly recommended.

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