The Corinthian

Not a long novel, but very enjoyable, by one of my all-time favourite authors: Georgette Heyer. I hadn't read it for nearly ten years, and found I had forgotten much of the plot, which meant it was difficult to put down, once I had started!

The bored, elegant Corinthian, Richard Wyndham, is persuaded that it is his duty to offer marriage to the rather cold Melissa Brandon since nobody else has attracted him. On the eve of proposing, he gets drunk and on his way home spots a young lady, dressed as a boy, escaping from her bedroom window.

Not entirely himself, he insists on helping her.. and thus is pitchforked into a series of adventures which would have astounded his sedate family and friends. All a little unlikely, of course, but very enjoyable reading with plenty of light humour and some excellent characterisations.

Plenty of plot too, fast-paced and exciting. Definitely recommended.

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