Green Living in the Urban Jungle (by Lucy Siegle)

I came across this book in a charity shop - brand new, as far as I could tell - for about 50p. It looked interesting, and I'm fairly keen on 'green' living, so I picked it up and started to peruse it almost immediately.

It's not a book to read straight through - it has different sections on different ways of living in environmentally sound ways, and I dipped into it over several days. In the end I probably did read all of it, as it was pretty interesting, and the style of writing informal and relaxed.

There are some useful ideas for living in more ecologically friendly ways, although it's mainly of interest to those in the UK: there are several listings of resources and products, but they're all UK-based.

I wouldn't have bought it new, but it was a good buy at the price I paid. Recommended.

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