Reaching for the Invisible God (by Philip Yancey)

I finished reading 'Reaching for the Invisible God' by Philip Yancey a few days ago. Yancey is one of my favourite modern Christian authors; he writes honestly, without being over-religious or assuming that everyone is the same. He addresses the kinds of questions that Christians (and others) have about God. How is it that we can 'have a relationship' with Someone who is invisible and intangible? What does it mean to relate anyway? Can we really know God?

Peppered with anecdotes, this book is refreshing and insightful. It's not something to read all in one sitting: there's too much to take in. Mostly I read a few pages every day or two, sometimes a whole chapter, sometimes nothing. I found it inspiring in a low-key, comfortable sort of way. I do like it when an author writes in the way I would like to write, expressing sentiments that have occurred to me... yet with his own slant, and circumstances quite different from my own.

Highly recommended to anyone who likes a thoughtful Christian book.

(You can also read my longer review of 'Reaching for the Invisible God', written after re-reading five and a half years later)

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