Forgotten Laughter (by Marcia Willett)

'Forgotten Laughter' is a novel by Marcia Willett, an author I usually enjoy very much...

Louise goes to stay at Foxhole, a holiday home owned by Brigid who lives next-door. Both are having a difficult time emotionally, and Louise has a crisis which comes to a head when she suspects her partner Martin of having an affair.

Unfortunately I found the book a bit too detailed and disjointed, with dozens of flashbacks even as the story progresses. While it's still a good story, I found it hard to relate to any of the characters much, and felt it could have been cut significantly to make it flow better. See 'Forgotten Editing' for my longer views on this book.

Not really recommended - this author has written far better books.

Note: you can also read my longer, and more enthusiastic review of 'Forgotten Laughter' after re-reading five and a half years later.

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