The Bird in the Tree

First novel in the Damerosehay series by Elizabeth Goudge.

David, Lucilla's favourite grandson, comes to stay at the family home of Damerosehay. Lucilla knows instinctively that something is wrong; that turns out to be something that may lead to actions that will impact the whole family negatively, most of all David's young cousins Ben, Tommy and Caroline.

So David struggles to fight temptation, and Lucilla gently manipulates, and the old house weaves its charm. Descriptive and historical; moving, long-winded and philosophical, yet never preaching. The novel is about love and integrity, hope and love, and in the end self-sacrifice for the good of the many. A lovely book which I enjoyed more for having read it some years previously. See 'A Haven of Peace' for my longer review of this book.

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