An Imaginative Experience

I'm not always keen on Mary Wesley's books, but thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Sylvester, travelling on an inter-city train, is startled when it grinds to a halt and a girl rushes out to rescue a sheep. A large bird-watcher annoys him by trying to push past him, and speculating on the reason. The lives of these three people are thereafter bound together due to some unlikely circumstances and coincidences - but the whole book has a slightly surreal feel to it, so it hardly matters. Julia, the girl, has suffered a recent tragedy; Sylvester, recently divorced, likes being on his own. Inevitably they meet after humorous misunderstandings and some deep emotion.

Fast-paced action and delightful people; great ending. My longer review at the Ciao site is entitled 'A Writer, a Bird-Watcher and a Rescuer of Sheep'.

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